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We are typically open Monday to Friday from 8AM until 4PM. For questions and appointment requests, please contact our office at: (952) 920-0844


The office is very close to the 35W and 494 interchange, just south of the Southtown shopping center. Southtown Office Park is a white, five story building that is set back behind a one story building that sits directly on Penn Avenue at the intersection of 82nd and Penn Avenue South. There is ample parking on either side of the building. Please note that directions given on Mapquest and Google Maps are very confusing.

During rush hour 494 may be backed up, especially if you are driving on 494 coming from the west. During these times it might be best to take 84th Street to Penn. If you are on Highway 100 southbound and you see that 494 is backed up, go past 494 to 84th and take a left. Follow 84th past France Avenue all the way to Penn and take a left.

If you are coming on 35W, exit onto 82nd and proceed west. You will come to Penn Avenue and the one story building mentioned above. 8120 is directly behind the one story building. Go either left or right on Penn to get to the parking lots on either side of the building. If southbound 35W is backed up coming out of Minneapolis, Penn Avenue going south is an easy route. Continue on Penn past 494.

If traffic is backed up when you are coming from the east on 494, exit on Portland, Nicollet, or Lyndale and go south at the top of the exit. Go south to American Boulevard. Go right. American runs parallel to 494. Continue to Penn and take a left.